3 tips for differentiating your sports brand

The sports industry is extremely saturated with a wide range of products promising to help enthusiasts improve their game. How can you make your company stand out from the crowd and become a brand leader? With a few simple changes to your marketing strategy, you too could be the next big thing in the sports market.


It’s all about the visuals.

The first change that any company can do to stand out from the crowd is to update their visuals. As social media has become a marketing power house, it is important to stay with the times. The combination of shorter attention spans and being a visual species makes it essential to grab a potential customers attention quickly. This can be done by switching from stock photos to real content taken in the field. Don’t run out and hire a professional photographer. Smartphone cameras have advanced to a point that you can use these images in your social media campaigns. There is bound to be a sports enthusiast at you company, with some skills in photography, that would be happy to take some photos at their next outing. So go out and play. While your at it take some photos of the action.


Connect with your Customers.

Another way to differentiate your brand from the saturated sports market is to connect. The easiest way to do this is to have customers submit photographs of themselves interacting with your product. By featuring these photos on your website and social media you will be building the brand connection that is key to building a successful brand. Be sure to check with you legal team before using customer images in advertisements. This strategy update will build brand authenticity and consumer loyalty.


Don’t forget the little guy.

Before you run out and sign an endorsement deal with a professional athlete think about who your target market is interacting with. Instead, it might be advantageous to get your product into the hands of coaches and instructors. These individuals have already built the trust of ammature players. The great thing about small scale sponsorship deals is that you can essentially piggyback on the trust that these instructors have already built.


These 3 changes could make a huge difference in your companies ability to excel in a saturated market.