3 tips for differentiating your sports brand

The sports industry is extremely saturated with a wide range of products promising to help enthusiasts improve their game. How can you make your company stand out from the crowd and become a brand leader? With a few simple changes to your marketing strategy, you too could be the next big thing in the sports market.


It’s all about the visuals.

The first change that any company can do to stand out from the crowd is to update their visuals. As social media has become a marketing power house, it is important to stay with the times. The combination of shorter attention spans and being a visual species makes it essential to grab a potential customers attention quickly. This can be done by switching from stock photos to real content taken in the field. Don’t run out and hire a professional photographer. Smartphone cameras have advanced to a point that you can use these images in your social media campaigns. There is bound to be a sports enthusiast at you company, with some skills in photography, that would be happy to take some photos at their next outing. So go out and play. While your at it take some photos of the action.


Connect with your Customers.

Another way to differentiate your brand from the saturated sports market is to connect. The easiest way to do this is to have customers submit photographs of themselves interacting with your product. By featuring these photos on your website and social media you will be building the brand connection that is key to building a successful brand. Be sure to check with you legal team before using customer images in advertisements. This strategy update will build brand authenticity and consumer loyalty.


Don’t forget the little guy.

Before you run out and sign an endorsement deal with a professional athlete think about who your target market is interacting with. Instead, it might be advantageous to get your product into the hands of coaches and instructors. These individuals have already built the trust of ammature players. The great thing about small scale sponsorship deals is that you can essentially piggyback on the trust that these instructors have already built.


These 3 changes could make a huge difference in your companies ability to excel in a saturated market.


Creating a Logo Customers Can Trust

Your brand is more than just a logo.

A logo represents your brand promise and the values your company believes in. The role of a logo in your brand is to build a reputation. Customers should create a connection between your logo and a good experience. Although logo design is important, it is not the logo that makes or breaks a brand.


It’s all about positive interactions.

It takes many positive interactions to build trust in your brand, but only one negative experience to destroy this fragile relationship. The key to building a positive relationship between a brand and a logo is consistency. Customers must come to expect the same great service every time they buy your product or use your service. This is how you can build a large base of loyal customers.


SImplicity Matters

To begin the logo creation process, look at the brands you love. These logos will give you inspiration and spark creativity when starting the brainstorming process. A common thread that runs throughout many great logos is simplicity. Consumers should be able to easily remember and recognize your brand. A distinct and easily recognizable logo will help you create the essential connection between an experience and your brand.



Personal Branding for Women in the Modern Age

As social media continues to grow in its influence on business, a personal brand can make all the difference. Unfortunately, the image that the media portrays of a successful woman is one of what to wear and how to look. Women are constantly getting comments on their professional social media posts about looks, rather than relevant business inquiries. I’m here to tell you that a truly successful personal brand is all about being genuine and confident about who you are.


Just as with a large scale corporate brand, the important thing is consistency. A personal brand needs a brand promise. This brand promise encompases your individual goals and your aim in life. People want to feel a connection to your personal brand and nothing connects better than self confidence.


The key to a personal brand is 100% honesty. Before starting a personal brand it is necessary to answer three questions. Who is the person you aspire to be? What do you want out of life? And are you taking the steps to reach your goals? Once you can honestly answer these questions, there is nothing stopping you from building an excellent personal brand and influencing the change you want to see in the world. Social media longs for empowering female figures who know what they want out of life and are willing to go out and get it.


Promotion Through Instagram Influencers

Instagram influencers are the stars of social media. With their large followings and loyal consumers, they have the ability to make a big splash in the marketplace. Followers of Instagram influencers generally relate to the influencers content and trust their opinion. In a market of mistrust for companies and advertising, millennials are becoming more reliant on influencer opinions when making their purchase decisions.


A successful social media endorsement is grounded in trust. Many influencers believe it is their duty to only recommend products that they believe in. This is what makes influencers so important in today’s marketplace.


So how do you get Instagram influencers to promote your products? The first step is to make the influencer aware of your product. This can be accomplished through a product review or test trial. Additionally it is possible to get promotion through a joint giveaway or fundraising effort. The most important thing is to get an influencer that you believe connects with your brand position and identifies with your target market.

Branding Success Story: Hydro Flask

Hydro Flask was the first of their kind. They brought the first vacuum insulated beverage containers to the reusable water bottle market. But Hydro Flask isn’t being featured as a success story for their first in class technology or their expansive product line. We have chosen to feature Hydro Flask because they managed to turn a water bottle into a lifestyle.


From humble beginnings in Bend, Oregon, Hydro Flask has moved into nearly every large outdoor retailer in the United States. This was accomplished through a branding strategy that united vacuum insulated bottles with outdoor enthusiasts. Hydro Flask is on a mission to keep beverages at the perfect temperature for any outdoor excursion.

This brand connection was accomplished through an effective social media campaign, perfect target market selection, and staying true to their brand promise. Hydro Flask has created a loyal customer base by continuing to align themselves with the values of their consumers. They have stayed at the top of their industry even with competitors entering the marketplace.

Hydro Flask continues to support its outdoor clientele by donating to conservation charities throughout the United States. By helping conserve city parks, hiking trails, and public lands, Hydro Flask sticks to its brand identity and is a true branding success.

Americans Love Their Car Brands

Ever since 1908, when Henry Ford first started rolling out model T’s, Americans have been in a serious relationship with their cars. Whether viewed as a status symbol, a form of self expression, or an essential mode of transportation, there is no denying that Americans are in love with their cars. This relationship did not come about by accident. The automotive industry is a perfect example of how companies can create a deep personal relationship with their customers.

Car companies don’t just sell a product, they sell a lifestyle. Every automotive brand has a personality. When an organization can align its personality with the lifestyle of its target market, that’s where the magic happens. Every brand should strive to make this connection and really get to know it’s consumer.

The first and most important step in creating this connection and building a brand is to understand your brand personality. This is determined through the extensive process of creating a brand platform. This is the foundation of core principles that a successful brand stems from. A brand platform says, “This is what we, as an organization, stand for”. Next the identity package is created. Having a comprehensive brand identity will allow a brand to grow. These branding essentials paired with a marketing strategy are the keys to creating an emotional connection between customers and your brand.