Putting feet on the ground.

If your goal is to increase sales or penetrate new markets, independent sales representatives can help your brand.

You want to bring your new product to market as quickly as possible, but you’re on a tight budget. One consideration is working with independent sales representatives–sometimes called manufacturers’ representatives–who sell products or services to customers directly for the company or companies he or she works for.

Working With Independent Sales Reps: How to Find Them

BrandDNA connects businesses and sales reps to help them facilitate the process seamlessly. We spend the time to network as much as possible with clients, retailers, and just about anyone you can meet at trade shows, people who can provide us with potential contacts in the industry. Reps can be a great resource to take your product to the next level. BrandDNA can support your efforts to recruit, knows how to train, develop and negotiate a commission plan on your behalf. Partner with BrandDNA and you could be well on your way to imminent sales growth in the future.