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Brand Express

Startups need branding too.

The Brand Express program is a cost effective approach to launching new brands. We developed Brand Express to address the specific needs of startups and to accelerate their growth and sales. It provides startups with a highly strategic and sophisticated branding approach which generates results in a shorter period of time.

Part of what makes Brand Express unique is the process we put in place to achieve accelerated results.

Based on the following principles:

  • Simplifying the Process
  • Reducing the Number of Components
  • Client Participation and Commitment
  • End Result is a Buzzworthy Brand

Includes a set of built-in parameters:

  • A smaller set of deliverables dependent on your startup’s
      • Unique needs
      • Financial situation
      • Timing
  • A more concise number of explorations
  • Rapid feedback & decision-making

Produces a variety of deliverables:

  • Brand Platform
  • Messaging Matrix
  • Logo
  • Website
  • Basic Marketing Materials

All of this leads to lower costs and expedites the development of the branding materials which are crucial as the founder meets VCs, Investors, Clients, Tech Journalists and members of the Startup Community.

Interested? Contact our CEO, Dan Meyers, for more information.


Good Works

Because we love to help those whom give back

Every year, we like to partner with one non-profit and/or community organization to help with a re-branding initiative or project, free of charge!

If you are interested and in need of our services please fill out the inquiry form. We will review the submission and contact you within 7 business days.

We welcome all submissions and look forward to working with you!