Sun Protection Zone


How do we successfully introduce sun protective apparel to a market filled with consumers who ignore the most basic sun protection advice, such as sunscreen?

Nowadays, consumers – especially the younger generation – are ignoring sun protection advice more and more. A poll of 1,000 adults revealed that one fifth of 18-24 year-olds believed it was never important to wear sunscreen, contrasting with just 5% of 35-44 year-olds.

Forgetfulness, carelessness, inconvenience and social-consciousness were cited as the most common reasons for failing to carry or use sunscreen. Sun Protection Zone needed an effective strategy to build brand awareness and introduce their product to the best target market.


One key point that drove our strategy was to educate the customer on the importance of sun protective clothing while building awareness around the brand.

BrandDNA recognized that the best target market for this product is moms who want to ensure their families are protected from harmful UV rays caused by sunlight exposure. As a first step, it was necessary to further educate moms on the importance of having a daily sun protection regimen, and to build awareness of Sun Protection Zone’s product line.

BrandDNA launched an integrated marketing campaign aimed to educate consumers, especially moms, about the importance of wearing UV protective clothing. Some key parts of the campaign included:

    • Reaching out to Mommy blogs in order to build awareness of the importance of UV protective clothing, and to increase the brand exposure of Sun Protection Zone.
    • Partnering with leading nonprofit advocates of sun protection to increase awareness of skin cancer caused by high exposure to harmful UV rays, and the importance of a daily sun protection regimen.
    • Successfully launching nationwide road shows at Costco warehouses, starting initially with 10 stores and rapidly expanding to cover 400 stores across the country.


Sun Protection Zone grew from a 10K to a 10M brand in 3 years, becoming one of the leading innovators that provide premium UV protective clothing for kids and adults. The brand now offers 10 different collections nationwide, and even expanded to the emerging SUP Market (Stand Up Paddle) and is continuing to grow.