Creating a Logo Customers Can Trust

Your brand is more than just a logo.

A logo represents your brand promise and the values your company believes in. The role of a logo in your brand is to build a reputation. Customers should create a connection between your logo and a good experience. Although logo design is important, it is not the logo that makes or breaks a brand.


It’s all about positive interactions.

It takes many positive interactions to build trust in your brand, but only one negative experience to destroy this fragile relationship. The key to building a positive relationship between a brand and a logo is consistency. Customers must come to expect the same great service every time they buy your product or use your service. This is how you can build a large base of loyal customers.


SImplicity Matters

To begin the logo creation process, look at the brands you love. These logos will give you inspiration and spark creativity when starting the brainstorming process. A common thread that runs throughout many great logos is simplicity. Consumers should be able to easily remember and recognize your brand. A distinct and easily recognizable logo will help you create the essential connection between an experience and your brand.



Promotion Through Instagram Influencers

Instagram influencers are the stars of social media. With their large followings and loyal consumers, they have the ability to make a big splash in the marketplace. Followers of Instagram influencers generally relate to the influencers content and trust their opinion. In a market of mistrust for companies and advertising, millennials are becoming more reliant on influencer opinions when making their purchase decisions.


A successful social media endorsement is grounded in trust. Many influencers believe it is their duty to only recommend products that they believe in. This is what makes influencers so important in today’s marketplace.


So how do you get Instagram influencers to promote your products? The first step is to make the influencer aware of your product. This can be accomplished through a product review or test trial. Additionally it is possible to get promotion through a joint giveaway or fundraising effort. The most important thing is to get an influencer that you believe connects with your brand position and identifies with your target market.

Can a Rebrand Solve Your Companies Challenges?

One key to a successful business is aligning your brand and business structure with your goals. Although branding plays a huge role in an organization, it is equally important that internal processes are streamlined and effective at providing a premium service to clientele. No matter how great a companies website may look, or how attractive their logo, no amount of branding will solve a broken business model.


Companies must be able to deliver on their brand promise in order to succeed. A great brand coupled with a lacking business model will set expectations high only to let down customers. Branding won’t matter if the brand promise is not delivered. Sometimes the issue lies deeper than a rebrand.


Branding can solve a company’s external issues, like public perception. A rebrand can bring in bring in quality clients that are willing to pay a premium for great services. Additionally, a great brand can put your company in the spotlight allowing for your brand promise to be fulfilled.

Branding Success Story: Hydro Flask

Hydro Flask was the first of their kind. They brought the first vacuum insulated beverage containers to the reusable water bottle market. But Hydro Flask isn’t being featured as a success story for their first in class technology or their expansive product line. We have chosen to feature Hydro Flask because they managed to turn a water bottle into a lifestyle.


From humble beginnings in Bend, Oregon, Hydro Flask has moved into nearly every large outdoor retailer in the United States. This was accomplished through a branding strategy that united vacuum insulated bottles with outdoor enthusiasts. Hydro Flask is on a mission to keep beverages at the perfect temperature for any outdoor excursion.

This brand connection was accomplished through an effective social media campaign, perfect target market selection, and staying true to their brand promise. Hydro Flask has created a loyal customer base by continuing to align themselves with the values of their consumers. They have stayed at the top of their industry even with competitors entering the marketplace.

Hydro Flask continues to support its outdoor clientele by donating to conservation charities throughout the United States. By helping conserve city parks, hiking trails, and public lands, Hydro Flask sticks to its brand identity and is a true branding success.

Americans Love Their Car Brands

Ever since 1908, when Henry Ford first started rolling out model T’s, Americans have been in a serious relationship with their cars. Whether viewed as a status symbol, a form of self expression, or an essential mode of transportation, there is no denying that Americans are in love with their cars. This relationship did not come about by accident. The automotive industry is a perfect example of how companies can create a deep personal relationship with their customers.

Car companies don’t just sell a product, they sell a lifestyle. Every automotive brand has a personality. When an organization can align its personality with the lifestyle of its target market, that’s where the magic happens. Every brand should strive to make this connection and really get to know it’s consumer.

The first and most important step in creating this connection and building a brand is to understand your brand personality. This is determined through the extensive process of creating a brand platform. This is the foundation of core principles that a successful brand stems from. A brand platform says, “This is what we, as an organization, stand for”. Next the identity package is created. Having a comprehensive brand identity will allow a brand to grow. These branding essentials paired with a marketing strategy are the keys to creating an emotional connection between customers and your brand.

Branding Success Story: Airbnb

Where One Rental = Travel, Hospitality & Belonging

Traveling to, visiting and discovering new places can be one of the ultimate experiences: memorable, exciting and an adventure to say the least.  One of the main reasons for traveling is to experience a place for all its unique qualities and offerings. Yes of course that includes seeing the tourist attractions, visiting famous landmarks and eating at the best-rated restaurants in town but it should also include experiencing a place like the locals do. A feeling that is hard to achieve when staying at the local hotels and hostels.

Enter Airbnb, the popular online and mobile rental site that is changing the way people list their unique properties for rent to millions of guests worldwide. Their secret to success? A place, and more an importantly an idea that we all crave…

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Branding Success Story: Lyft

The Pink Mustachioed Taxi Service.

Raise your hand if you’ve ever been stranded in an unfamiliar place with no way to get home. Relief is nearby in the form of a Pink Mustache. A what? A Pink Mustache? Yup, a Pink Mustache is the latest symbol of a safe ride.  Their idea: a taxi service with community drivers who are people just like you accessible through an easy to use, and free, Lyft app. But how can a pink mustache take a bite of the ever growing ridesharing market?

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New Post Series: Branding Success Stories

Branding is many things, from telling a compelling story, developing a recognizable logo, communicating with the right images, colors, words, and even choosing to advertise to the right customers. But in essence it is making someone fall in love with your product from day one, so they will want to see you again and again, and possibly forever.

At BrandDNA, we believe successful branding is everything. Our new blog post series of Branding Success Stories features some brands whose strategic branding we love and admire.

Branding: A Good Story and an Organization-wide Effort

Branding occurs in the minds of consumers. Humans naturally create associations in everyday life. We all love a good story. More importantly, we tend to remember good stories. Good stories make things personal. We perceive it with characters and recall details associated with them. When you introduce a brand with a strong identity, quality products and valuable content, it eventually instills an emotional connection in your customers.

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