Branding Success Story: Lyft

The Pink Mustachioed Taxi Service.

Raise your hand if you’ve ever been stranded in an unfamiliar place with no way to get home. Relief is nearby in the form of a Pink Mustache. A what? A Pink Mustache? Yup, a Pink Mustache is the latest symbol of a safe ride.  Their idea: a taxi service with community drivers who are people just like you accessible through an easy to use, and free, Lyft app. But how can a pink mustache take a bite of the ever growing ridesharing market?

Lyft is a ridesharing app that allows people to find rides for a lot less than taking a taxi. Drivers are on a volunteer service and work in the community that they live in. Depending on the city you’re in, Lyft will either accept donations agreed upon by the driver and the rider, or will charge a set amount for the ride.

There is lots of competition in this space, Uber and Zipcar are 800 pound gorillas with millions of dollars in their bank accounts. Logan and John, the company founders, wracked their brain on how to differentiate themselves. Their service is friendlier and more social than their competition. Lyft emphasizes that you will be picked up by a trusted friend. But how do you communicate that to the market they are serving? Light bulb moment: Pink Mustache. In faux fur. In front of the grill. At a size too large to ignore. Branding Brilliance.

Lyft is able to take a fun, friendly element of their logo in order to attract consumers. Who wouldn’t stop to notice a pink moustache on a car? This raises awareness, makes them approachable, and gets people interested.

Isn’t that what successful branding is all about? Taking a single element or being a little unconventional, in order to attract people and raise sales. The pink moustache is not related to driving at all, but it’s memorable, at that’s all the branding you need. So next time you see a car with a pink mustache you will be reassured to know that a good friend is in the neighborhood ready to give you a ride.