Branding Success Story: Hydro Flask

Hydro Flask was the first of their kind. They brought the first vacuum insulated beverage containers to the reusable water bottle market. But Hydro Flask isn’t being featured as a success story for their first in class technology or their expansive product line. We have chosen to feature Hydro Flask because they managed to turn a water bottle into a lifestyle.


From humble beginnings in Bend, Oregon, Hydro Flask has moved into nearly every large outdoor retailer in the United States. This was accomplished through a branding strategy that united vacuum insulated bottles with outdoor enthusiasts. Hydro Flask is on a mission to keep beverages at the perfect temperature for any outdoor excursion.

This brand connection was accomplished through an effective social media campaign, perfect target market selection, and staying true to their brand promise. Hydro Flask has created a loyal customer base by continuing to align themselves with the values of their consumers. They have stayed at the top of their industry even with competitors entering the marketplace.

Hydro Flask continues to support its outdoor clientele by donating to conservation charities throughout the United States. By helping conserve city parks, hiking trails, and public lands, Hydro Flask sticks to its brand identity and is a true branding success.