Branding Success Story: Dollar Shave Club

I was resigned to buying expensive shaving blades my whole life. Then I came across Dollar Shave Club.  Their offer is so compelling, their business model is so unique, and their commercial so ridiculously funny and unforgettable, that you can’t help but ask “How do they do it?”

Dollar Shave Club (DSC) is a subscription service for razor blades. DSC was launched in the top Los Angeles tech accelerator: SCIENCE. For only $1.00 a month, they ship 5 razor cartridges to your doorstep.  They have a premium version of the service of up to $9.00 a month, shaving butter, post shaving moisturizer, and even wipes. Their model and idea have become so successful that even their imitators have been backed with millions of dollars from large venture capitalists.

Beyond the compelling subscription model DSC conceived an attention-grabbing, irreverent ad boasting over 15 million views!  In the ad founder Mike Dublin makes fun of you, his customers, his own family, employees, and even Roger Federer.

Dollar Shave Club is a brand that truly understands their market. They understand that men struggle to leave the comfort of their homes to buy razors that are ridiculously expensive. This insight on men that fuels their marketing, plus the tongue and cheek creative that perfectly appeals to the male audience, is the perfect formula to their branding success.

The Dollar Shave Club story forces you to think outside of the typical Brand Box, not only when creating a new product or service but also in the way we interact and communicate our product with our customers. It teaches us to be brave and courageous because that is how we can reach the sophisticated buyers who think they have seen it all.