Branding: A Good Story and an Organization-wide Effort

Branding occurs in the minds of consumers. Humans naturally create associations in everyday life. We all love a good story. More importantly, we tend to remember good stories. Good stories make things personal. We perceive it with characters and recall details associated with them. When you introduce a brand with a strong identity, quality products and valuable content, it eventually instills an emotional connection in your customers.

They begin to associate your brand with warm and friendly sentiments. All of the individual pieces of your brand must work to produce a consistent message from a recognizable one to a likeable story for your brand. You must create a story that your target market can identify with. A story that tells your customers who you are, what you stand for, where you come from, why your logo and name represent your brand’s identity. Figuring out these pieces is essential to creating a long lasting brand. Without this foundation you may never really connect with your customers and build a successful business, regardless of the quality of product or service you’re selling.

You may think only the head of a company or their communications or marketing team is involved in building and maintaining a brand, but take a second and think about it. In reality you should start viewing brand management as an organization-wide effort in which every department or business unit understands that any task or project completed has a role to play in supporting the brand image. For example, a customer service rep can, when faced with any problem, remain positive to uphold your brand’s philosophy of pleasing your customers despite all odds!

Regardless of job position, staff at all levels of the organization need to be involved in the development of your company’s brand, they need to understand the value of your brand, and they certainly need to know what part they are expected to play in achieving your brand’s goal. Keep in mind, your employees are your #1 brand advocates/ambassadors. They know the company best and can spread your brand message quicker and with more credibility. For instance, an assistant on social media sending out a picture from a company event could uphold your brand’s values of family or of a fun inclusive atmosphere.