Branding starts with telling a story.

Most brands have a compelling story to tell the world. But often the relevance and product advantages get obscured in the marketing process so that consumers never really understand. This can be because the brand focuses its communication on the wrong messages, because it uses the wrong communication channels, because it has lost touch with the real wants and needs of its target group, or all of the above.

A brand must start by getting to know the target market up close and personal. Usually by talking to them! Mapping their perceptions and looking for overlap between their unmet needs and the brand’s offer. Then creating a message that is both relevant to buyers’ needs and differentiating from competitors. Brands should create a plan for how this message will be used across the various communication channels, particularly online in today’s social marketing centric world.

Positioning a brand is the biggest hurdle for entrepreneurs!

Many marketing people have different interpretations about what brand positioning means. It’s one of those concepts that is hard to pin down, yet at the same time is so important to the success of your brand. Positioning is at the heart of your brand. It’s essentially the summation of everything your brand is about to your customers, employees and others in your category.

So look at some real life examples.

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